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BWT bestcare

Germ protection with activated carbon

  • Special filter system for protection against bacteria
  • Perfect protection and hygiene, ideal for drinking water dispensers
  • Elimination of off-flavour tastes and odours
  • Removal of particles and suspended matter
  • Simple installation via universal BWT besthead FLEX connection technology

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Advano - professional kitchen equipment, fast food equipmentBWT bestcare water filters offer optimum protection against germs for water dispensers, which are growing in popularity everywhere. These filters are equipped with ultrafiltration membranes that are highly efficient at eliminating germs from water. They also feature an activated charcoal block that removes off-flavour tastes and odours.

BWT bestcare filters lend users the confident feeling that they’re offering customers and guests a cool refreshment with the best possible hygiene. BWT bestcare stands for consistently pure water and top-class sensory quality, and offers a very high capacity of 12,000 litres.

Where can BWT bestcare be used?
BWT bestcare is the ideal solution for all water dispensers and drinking water systems, but it can also be used wherever cold water has to be
safe to drink directly at the point of consumption.


Advano - professional kitchen equipment, fast food equipment