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BWT bestdrink PREMIUM

Magnesium mineralisation cold drinks

  • Innovative filter system for cold and chilled drinking water
  • Removes particles, off-​flavour components and chlorine flavour
  • Mineralises the water, enriching it with the flavour carrier magnesium
  • Suitable for all cold water systems and all drinking water dispensers worldwide
  • Simple installation via universal BWT besthead FLEX connection technology
  • Space-​saving design that is very easy to handle

Depending on the water hardness of your area, the water filter will filter out (in litres):

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BWT bestdrink PREMIUM is a filter system especially for the refinement of drinking water for enjoyment from drinking water dispensers. Thanks to the patented BWT Magnesium Technology, magnesium is added to the raw water in a targeted way, replacing the calcium. This mineralisation in favour of magnesium gives the optimised water a very pleasant, slightly mineralised taste. Regardless of whether the water is chilled or not chilled, carbonated or still, mineralisation with magnesium improves its sensory quality and turns all water into PREMIUM water.


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