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BWT bestmax

Limescale protection all-rounders

  • Flexible filters suitable for catering industry (HoReCa)
  • The filter system consists of a filter cartridge with 5 filtration levels
  • Highly efficient limescale protection
  • Activated charcoal fleece for consistently crystal-clear water
  • Economic use for any water needs due to various filter sizes

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Advano - professional kitchen equipment, fast food equipmentThe BWT bestmax filter system is the perfect solution for all coffee lovers. The universal filter system guarantees a perfect cup of coffee every time, and can be used with any type of coffee machine. Thanks to the High-Efficiency-Technology (HET), water optimization is even more efficient. This means that you’ll get high quality hot and cold beverages in cups or mugs, as well as in the kitchen and bakery – for all foods and baked goods. The BWT bestmax filter system consists of a 5-leveled filter cartridge with highly efficient limescale protection.

Where can BWT bestmax be used?

Bestmax water filter can be used in Coffee machines, Expresso machines, Office coffee machines, Vending machines, Combination steamers, Ovens, Cold beverage supplies.


The filter head is not included.


Advano - professional kitchen equipment, fast food equipment


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