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Reverse osmosis membrane

  • Integral component of BWT bestaqua ROC reverse osmosis systems
  • Highly efficient reverse osmosis membrane in filter cartridge form
  • Ideal for many gastronomy applications
  • Robust and durable simpler and safer
  • Filter exchange without tools insert

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Advano - профессиональное кухонное оборудование, оборудование для быстрого питанияBWT bestaqua MEMBRANE represents a milestone in the simple and safe use of reverse osmosis membranes. Never has the installation and replacement of a reverse osmosis membrane been so easy to carry out. Simply remove the filter cartridge and screw the new one into the pre-installed BWT besthead filter head – done. The complicated release of various hose connections is completely dispensed with.

Furthermore, the design of this filter cartridge, which has been especially developed by BWT, ensures high efficiency, robustness а также durability due to its intelligent combination of reverse osmosis membranes, spacers and internal water routing, making it ideal for daily use in gastronomy.

Technical benefits:

✔ High permeate capacity

✔ High salt separation rate

✔ Extremely simple installation and filter replacement

✔ Resistant to particles and chlorine in raw water

special for Reverse osmosis systems:


BWT bestaqua 14 MEMBRANE, BWT bestaqua 16 MEMBRANE