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BWT bestdemin PLUS


  • Special multi-stage filter for fully demineralising water
  • Complies with DIN EN 13060 or DIN EN 285
  • For the production of deionised water for laboratories.
  • For hot steam sterilisers in medicine and dentistry.
  • Easy to install with universal BWT besthead FLEX connection technology


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Advano - professional kitchen equipment, fast food equipmentTechnical and medical applications demand demineralised water, which can be produced simply and efficiently from drinking water with our BWT bestdemin PLUS filter system. A mixed bed ion exchanger rids the raw water of all dissolved salts.

BWT bestdemin PLUS is a filter system for producing demineralised water by simple means. This multi-​stage filter features a mixed-​bed ion exchanger that removes all dissolved salts from the in-​flowing raw water.

The resulting demineralised water complies with DIN EN 13060 and DIN EN 285 requirements, and is perfectly suited for laboratory use to correctly prepare reagents or to clean equipment, leaving devices free of any residue. BWT bestdemin PLUS delivers demineralised water for pressurised steam autoclaves in medical and dental sterilisation applications as well as for professional steam ironing systems in laundries and dry cleaners.



Advano - professional kitchen equipment, fast food equipment


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