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Limescale protection + BWT magnesium technology

  • In-line tank filter for water optimisation for compact fully automatic coffee machines
  • Professional multi-stage filtration
  • Ideal protection against limescale deposits
  • BWT magnesium technology for improved taste in your cup or mug
  • For clear, particle-free water without a foreign taste and smell
  • Simple installation with a BWT standard adapter and hose connection to the coffee machine

Quality ranges

  • A: Carbonate hardness (lime content) < 8 dKH
  • B: Carbonate hardness (lime content) 8-14 dKH
  • C: Carbonate hardness (lime content) > 14 dKH

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Coffee water optimised with BWT bestcup PREMIUM filters with its 4-stage filtration ensures exceptional coffee enjoyment and protects your valuable machine technology from damage caused by limescale and gypsum deposits. Valuable minerals remain in the water, ensuring the ideal aroma and crema when making espresso or similar drinks. BWT bestcup PREMIUM is ideal for the professional requirements of coffee connoisseurs and hobby baristas.

Advano - professional kitchen equipment, fast food equipment

Additionally, patented BWT magnesium technology mineralises your water with extra flavour-carrying magnesium for optimum coffee taste and a perfect crema.

Advano - professional kitchen equipment, fast food equipment

Technical benefits of BWT bestcup PREMIUM at a glance:

  • Professional 4-stage filtration
  • Integrated pre-filtration
  • Active carbon fleece for crystal-clear water at all times
  • Patented BWT magnesium technology
  • Simple integration with BWT standard adapter




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