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BWT bestcare MINI

Germ protection

  • Ultra-compact filter system for protection against bacteria
  • Perfect protection and hygiene
  • Ideal for drinking water dispensers
  • Removal of particles and suspended matter
  • Space-saving design and very simple handling

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Advano - professional kitchen equipment, fast food equipmentBWT bestcare MINI is a filter system especially designed to protect against bacteria and remove particles from water in water dispensers and cold beverage vending machines.

The high quality of drinking water in Europe is ensured by legal regulations and the regular inspection of waterworks. However, even good drinking water can be affected by surprising problems, such as the sudden ingress of particles or bacterial contamination. The cause of these issues is sometimes the public pipeline network and other times the installations in the affected building. No matter what the underlying problem is, drinking water systems and water dispensers then quickly become full of germs and have to be thoroughly cleaned. This is where BWT bestcare MINI offers optimum protection, safely removing bacteria and particles from the water. 

Where can BWT bestcare MINI be used?
BWT bestcare MINI is the ideal solution for all water dispensers and drinking water systems, but it can also be used wherever cold water has to be safe to drink directly at the point of consumption.

Main advantages
■ Hollow-fibre membrane filter to retain 99.9999% (log 6) of bacteria
■ Secure prevention of bacterial contamination
■ Retention of particles
■ Horizontal or vertical installation
■ Consistently high water quality

Advano - professional kitchen equipment, fast food equipment


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