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BWT bestaroma PREMIUM

Limescale protection + BWT magnesium technology

  • Special in-tank water filter for compact coffee machines and vending machines
  • Ideal protection against limescale deposits
  • With BWT magnesium technology for improved taste in your cup or mug
  • For clear, particle-free water without a foreign taste and smell
  • Easy installation for all devices with manufacturer-side tank-in-tank application

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BWT bestaroma PREMIUM is a water filter used directly in special water tanks with the tank-in-tank principle of coffee machines. Meaning the BWT bestaroma Premium fits in the standardised intakes provided by many manufacturers. No pressure is used for filtration. Once poured in the raw water flows through the filter so there is always perfectly optimised coffee water available in the coffee machine storage tank.

The unique water optimisation with BWT bestaroma PREMIUM professional technology results in targeted reduction of carbonate hardness (limescale content) in water, whilst providing clear, particle-free water for coffee free from strange tastes or smells. The results are the best water for your coffee, optimal coffee enjoyment, and your machine technology is protected for future use.


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